Hi, I’m Rachel Earing, an involved and supportive mum of 3 football mad boys, and my beautiful Jack Russell; and a loving and involved fiancée, daughter, sister and friend, oh and a sensory being just like you.

After 17 years working at ITV Studios (Granada TV & LWT TV) in both Broadcasting and Production areas, I moved into smaller working establishments.  Firstly, for a cluster of Schools then smaller local companies, which concentrated on Installation and Manufacturing.

I soon realised I was more passionate about helping the people I worked with, emotionally and physically, rather than the harsh working environment I’d ended up in.

The result is, I am now a qualified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and hold a Diploma in Advanced Nutrition.

To be an effective, compassionate and understanding Therapist I needed to clear my own baggage first. You see I’d spent over 30 years feeling guilty, embarrassed, and ashamed at some of the things I’d done, couldn’t do or wished I’d done, as some of you may have. (Although, hopefully not for as long as me!)

Clearing this baggage resulted in a complete change of direction within my career and relationships.  It has given me a clear understanding of how therapy affects each individual in their own unique way. I understand the work that needs to be done to clear problems from the root cause and not just the symptoms.

I am a survivor of teenage grooming, sexual predators in the work place, bullying, divorce, single parenting, financial suffering, 40+ years of a chronic alcoholic father and severely depressed mother, redundancies, an attempted rape, depression, stress and anxiety all whilst telling everyone else “I’m fine”.  You see I was.  Just like you – it was just my life and I got on with it.

Until, the patterns of unhappy endings couldn’t be ignored anymore.  I had to face my own behaviour and do something to change it for the sake of my children and myself.  Energy Therapy gave me that freedom from all of that and continues to do so on a daily basis.

I understand your journey more than you may realise……… “The Spiral of Life” gives you more insight into this.

Albert Einstein’s equation E=MC2 is one of the most important discoveries in the law of Science.    Energy  =  vibrational frequencies.

Light travels at the highest speed we can quantify with vibrational sources called frequencies. If we travelled at the speed of light around the earth, we would travel around it 7.5 times in just 1 second. We wouldn’t be able to see that journey with our eyesight as it’s vibrational frequency is too high/fast for humans to sense.  However, as the equation says, light is in all matter and energy is in all light and matter.  If this is the Law of Physics then everything we see and touch and hear is vibration, just at different frequencies.  Thus, so is everything we don’t see, hear or touch.  It is just on a vibrational level we humans are not tuned into.

So, if we are vibrating in a physical frequency as humans, then it makes sense that to fix any problems in our human form, we adjust the vibrational frequency accordingly, to make ourselves better.  This is how Energy Therapy works.

I trained in the fastest forms of energy therapy available to me at the time to enable change quickly and easily within my life.

I wish to help as many people as possible, face, acknowledge, transform, inspire and sustain them through their lifes challenges and give them the tools for ALL their FAMILY to benefit from so they may move together and face the reality of life RESILIENT and FREE to truly EVOLVE.

Free Your Spirit, Nourish Your Soul