We Empower You with the Language to Communicate with your Body and Mind!

We Give you the Skills to Deal with the Following:

Feeling like a victim or powerless Experiencing yo-yo (up and down) self-esteem or weight loss/gain
Feeling shy or awkward / Feeling unworthy Easily influenced by peers (peer pressure)
Allowing others to take advantage of him Being bullied  /  Bullying others
Experiencing self-doubt/lacking confidence/in a slump Lying/sneaking/cheating
Being irresponsible / Being disrespectful Lacking self-respect
Feeling like a victim or powerless Experiencing cold feet/fear/nervousness
Feeling down/sadness/depressed Experiencing anger/”life’s not fair”
Being negative/having a “bad” attitude Feeling moody or grumpy
Feeling “jinxed” or experiencing bad luck Not achieving his goals
Drifting/lack of direction Thinking he needs things/circumstances to be happy
Experiencing a change Making a mistake
Experiencing disappointment or failure Feeling shame/embarrassment




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