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  • Advanced EFT Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner,  Advanced Nutrition and Reiki Master Certified Rachel Earing, offers children and their families specialist courses to overcome bullying, peer pressure, nutrition and change.
  • Including healthy eating in the courses adds that extra powerful ingredient to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • All done through fun, story based learning experiences and activities that children and their families can relate easily and effectively to allows them to become empowered individuals, with achievable goals and a positive outlook on how to get there.
  • All participants completing a full course receive a Certification Reward and  a review of their Well Being status if they wish to participate in the Eat4Energy Well Being Study. This will help you assess which areas you may wish to work on next….


Feeling like a victim or powerless Experiencing yo-yo (up and down) self-esteem or weight loss/gain
Feeling shy or awkward / Feeling unworthy Easily influenced by peers (peer pressure)
Allowing others to take advantage of him Being bullied  /  Bullying others
Experiencing self-doubt/lacking confidence/in a slump Lying/sneaking/cheating
Being irresponsible / Being disrespectful Lacking self-respect
Feeling like a victim or powerless Experiencing cold feet/fear/nervousness
Feeling down/sadness/depressed Experiencing anger/”life’s not fair”
Being negative/having a “bad” attitude Feeling moody or grumpy
Feeling “jinxed” or experiencing bad luck Not achieving his goals
Drifting/lack of direction Thinking he needs things/circumstances to be happy
Experiencing a change Making a mistake
Experiencing disappointment or failure Feeling shame/embarrassment

If so, don’t delay  – give them the greatest gift you can

to being a confident, adjusted and empowered individual.

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Courses for Individuals, Families,

Schools and Community Groups,

Groups of 10 – 30 


Understanding how your mind works at any age and how to make the changes that are right for you, is the biggest step you can take to making a change to your daily diet, career and relationships.  Yet most people who eg: make weight loss a goal are doing so without making this connection, resulting in yo yo results on their goals.

Adults, due to the years of experience on their side, have more beliefs, (than children), instilled in their subconscious.  Most of these they don’t recognise as putting limits on their actions. Until we decide to explore and understand why this happens, yo yo (ie: hit and miss), life style changes are more likely to be part of your life.

Let’s give the children of the future the information they really need to give them the head start on positive thinking and progression.  Give your child the tools to progress in life fully armed with how the mind works, and be confident to make the right choices for THEM, including eating4energy.

Feed the Spirit…. Nourish to Soul♥

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